Welcome to the second edition of our 2014 Paddock Pass series.

It was great that we got Dan’s car out for the first time, and in conjunction with Ollie, we are starting to get the suspension of both cars under control. This was certainly a massive step up from last year in this department.

We are building our own engines this year, which will develop throughout the season. We have gained the reliability; now it is a case of developing the power. It is a good experience, and one that harks back to my Rally Cross roots… not quite right yet, but it will be in due course.

The drivers are getting as much as possible out of the cars at present. With everything being a bit last minute, it’s a huge learning curve. Our only major unreliability at Donnington was the clutch stop which fell off Ollie’s car and locked the brakes on… and later on we had a game in the workshop of who could throw the clutch stop into the pedal box assembly, and make the same thing happen… impossible! If all of our troubles this season are so small, we are sure to work our way upwards. John Welch – Team Principal

John Welch – Team Principal